Master's Students

CDHA is proud to support dental hygiene research by member graduate students.  In order to help facilitate research surveys to active, licensed hygienists, graduate students can submit their surveys to be emailed to CDHA members.

Steps to submitting your Master's research survey to CDHA Members:

1) Login to your CDHA member profile.
2) Add the "Master's Research Survey" product at the bottom of this page to "Your Cart." *you must be logged in as a member to view this form.
3) Complete the online form.
4) Your survey will be emailed to CDHA members within one week of the form being completed. (Pending approval by CDHA.  If your survey is not approved, you will receive a full refund)
5) CDHA will send an announcement out to its members notifying a new survey is live.  A follow up email to the members will be sent three weeks after the first announcement.